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I'm Jordan.

(Jo. Jojo. Hey you.)

I'm 30 and have been in the flower business since I was 19.

I enjoy being alone in my garage, working on flowers while listening to serial killer podcast, all things sugar, and wearing flowers in my hair. My favorite past times include playing dress up with my little girl Scarlett,  "running errands" at Home Goods and wandering Target a half hour before the store closes.

I like big bouquets and I cannot lie.

My style is wild and natural. I love all types of flowers and can design in a variety of styles but loose and bohemian styled bouquets are my favorite.

* I make normal size bouquets too. Sometimes I just get carried away and I can't help myself!

In May of 2018, my sweet baby girl Scarlett Iommi was born. She came on a Tuesday, I got out of the hospital on a Friday and managed to do floral (while recovering on my couch) for two weddings on Saturday-if that does sell you on how dedicated I am to my couples then I don't know what will.

Most importantly, I just really love playing with flowers.

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