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A Gratitude Post: Mama

You always hear, "its takes a village to raise a child" but what "they" forgot to mention is that it takes a village to raise anything that you consider your child- especially when your baby is your business. I used to be the person who works alone. I hated group projects, it was always hard to take on the ideas of others and depend on them to make your vision come to life.

It has been just over two years of designing under the Flora Blume Design business and the last two years have taught me more and more about how it is alright to rely and lean on others and now I can say, "I need your help!" and know that I truly mean it. There have been nights where I am near tears frantically putting together arrangements for the mornings wedding. There have been times I have been near tears because I could not fit all of the flowers for a wedding into my tiny Corolla (though I did just buy a Jeep so that has become a lifesaver) and there have been times were I am just too short to reach the top of a wedding arch that I had to design on. Thankfully, I have a very special support system and a very special village that is always there to help me arrange, help me transport flowers and help me reach and climb up on ladders for me.

Not only has my mom constantly encouraged and supported me and my business, but she is always the first person to offer up-though sometimes I just completely take over- her office because it has air conditioning but she is always there in a time of need and constantly expresses her pride and support. What is also really special is that I am constantly working with my mom. When she is not helping me with flowers, I am working for her when she has her own weddings for the catering company she is the director of.

There was even a time where I was not going to make it to the flower market to pick up my flowers before they closed for the weekend and she managed to get $2,000 worth of flowers into her car-she drives a Fiat mind you and everything fitting truly was an act of God.

Also, please read this little post she made after we both collaborated on a huge wedding together a few weeks ago.

"People ask me all the time, "How do you do it?" "How do you have the patience to work with so many brides and still remain so calm?" My answer is always the same, "I have a passion for what I do and I absolutely love my job." Yesterday, I worked along side this girl. Not only was she hired as the day coordinator for the bride, she transformed the barn into such beauty as the floral designer, dealt with the sudden change of weather which changed all the bride's visions and sent the glowing bride and groom off in their limousine, all while remaining calm and always having a smile on her face. I just watched her and thought, "How does she do that?" How - because she has an amazing gift of talent, an eye for design and a calm and patient way about her. I'm so incredibly proud of you Jordan! You have a passion for what you do and love your job! Cheers to taking chances and following your heart!"

I'm not crying, you're crying!


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