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A Gratitude Post: Chris

Continuing on with the theme of gratitude and those who make up my "village" I cannot attribute the success of my business without giving credit to my favorite boy Chris. In a weird twist of thinking I could live with my "best friend" only having to move out two months later, Chris and I have essentially lived with each other almost as long as we have been dating. I ended throwing all of my personal belongings into a storage unit and living a majority of my week at his house and the other time back at my moms house. Thankfully this all occurred during the off season but when I would have little projects here and there, I no longer had an in home studio to work out of and had to result to working wherever I could find a space which ultimately turned into working out of the bathroom-see picture below for a solid example of what desperate times look like as a florist-and a cute picture of his roommates cat Chiquita who would always sit and watch me make flower arrangements.

Flash forward two years and we now have a fancy living space in Downtown Tacoma and I now have a design studio right down the street. On occasion I will still work from home and create gigantic floral messes so I can binge watch Netflix and work which I know Chris secretly hates because I am a very messy worker but always he always lets me do it anyways.

For a good chunk of the Summertime, Chris leaves to go on tour with one of the greatest Seattle bands ever, Helms Alee-last year they went our tour with the MELVINS people, that is how amazing they are. That means he misses a lot of my weddings and this year while home from tour, was a little shocked how much time I spend away from home, driving around picking up flowers and putting everything together. But when he is home he always always always is there to help or just keep me company while I am working. Not only will he help me process flowers, but he has gotten so good at arranging flowers that sometimes I can hardly tell which things I have made and which pieces he has made. He is also my ladder climber, master ziptie assembler, second pair of hands, critical eye and honest opinion giver. Oh! he is also my chauffeur too. I really hate driving and it terrifies me if I am going to be honest so Chris will always wake up early on days I have weddings-even if he has only been home from work for a few hours, and will drive me to weddings to help with all of the set up.

He did a majority of this huge arch piece by himself ladies and gentlemen!

He also is my bouquet model.

Oh! and here is the picture of Chiquita I promised!

Eskimos and Butterflies my sweet boy!

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