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Marcos & Danny

Have you even been to a wedding where you cried, laughed, cried and laughed literally all night long! Never in my life have I smiled, and laughed and cried so hard and so frequently than at Marcos & Danny's wedding in Port Gamble, Washington. Not only did I get to be their florist, but I was their day of coordinator as well and boy did the three of us have some major work to do! Multiple phone conferences, countless emails and text made this "long distance" a lot of work that was truly worth while (they moved to Ohio a few months before their wedding and then moved back to the West Coast after their wedding!). It was truly an honor to be in the presence of a couple who a literally the perfect match for each other! You can see it from the pictures by Sarah Gonia Photography that the way that these two look at each other and love each other is one for the books! These two also picked one of my favorite color palates-navy and marsala-or as Danny would say Midnight Blue and Black Cherry (because those were the Glassbaby colors based all of his wedding visions around). Congrats to the happiest couple!

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